Monkey Land

4 years ago

My family and I went to this place where there were wild monkeys everywhere. Monkeys are so cute! I took a picture with around 3/4 of em! I was so scared but when they put their hands on me, it was so soft! I was still shaking after the picture haha. Anyways, when I was looking at the cute monkeys. This place (I do not remember what it is called.. I actually think it was called the land of monkies)

There were so many monkeys there. Some baby monkeys, red faced monkeys, big-eyed monkeys, mother monkeys, monkeys in jail LOL . There was actually two monkeys that were in monkey jail, how funny is that. I never knew there was a such thing as a monkey jail.

Anyways, throughout the stay at monkeyland, I was daydreaming of raising one and then it reminded me of `Planet of the Apes` haha

<Strong> do you like monkeys?
Have you seen a monkey before ?</strong

Take care
The picture above is mine*

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