Mongolian Stir Fry at Hometown Buffet

4 years ago

This is some noodles I had at Hometown Buffet. They call this Mongolian Stir Fry. I`m not sure why but that`s what they call it. I think they serve this during lunch and dinner too. The difference is that, during lunch you can only choose between chicken and beef and at dinner time you can have beef, chicken, or shrimp. You can have this stir fried with noodles or rice and with vegetables. You can opt to leave out the vegetables if you want. And they do this right in front of you, so it`s really fresh. But the thing is you`ll have to wait in line for it unless you`re one of those lucky ones where there is no line when you go to the stir fry section of the buffet. I had mine with chicken and some how a shrimp got into Next time, I want it with shrimp and chicken. I also had vegetables and noodles. They also asks you if you want it spicy or not and if you want it to be spicy they add siracha sauce. I opted not to since I can add that myself if I wanted it. I wanted the authentic taste. One more thing is that they only have Mongolian Stir fry in certain hometown buffets, so you might wanna call ahead and ask them do they have it at their restaurant.

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