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3 years ago

Recently I have realized I have been spending a lot of money.

Most of my money I spend not on useful things but like eating out, coffee trips, taxi cabs :(

In order to save more money I am only allowing myself to eat out once, at most twice, a week.
It wouldn`t be so bad if I was eating healthily when I dine out, but a lot of the places I visit are fast food and not healthy. Instead of buying snacks everyday I made a big purchase at Costco & walmart of a lot of granola & protein bars. These will keep hunger at bay throughout the day and are a healthier alternative to sweets & chocolate.

Another bar I love especially for women is called LUNA. comes in different flavors and is yummy. Contains vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals that women should have maintaining a healthy diet. Also instead of buying chips everyday I bought 2 big bags of trader joe`s vegetable flaxseed tortilla chips + some pineapple salsa from my fresh market and I take the 90 calorie ziploc bags and a small container of salsa for a simple snack that is fresh, healthy and delicious. I invested in some tupperware and a thermal cup which was about 15$.

I plan to bring my own coffee from home daily instead of buying starbucks which is about $5-$10 a day.

I have invested in a 1 pound bag of Metropolis RedLine Espresso Ground coffee (Free I have a friend who works for them :)) and use my Keurig machine to make a nice big cup of coffee for work (sometimes I make a pot of coffee and sneak an extra cup before I am off to work).

I Love fresh veggies and fruit which I pre-cut and package for work which are easily accessible and ready to go. Fresh baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli and apples, grapes, bananas, and blackberries are just a few of the produce I love <3. (on an average trip just produce usually about $25 still cheaper than $1-$5 a day on snacks in a convenient store!)

Nuts are also a great source of fiber, protein and good fats your bod so desperately needs! Pistachio`s and Almonds are my favorite preferably raw almonds and non salted pistachio`s (about $10 for a 2lb bag at trader joes).

Another way to save is buying 2 cases of bottled water and taking a bottle with you wherever you are headed instead of having to purchase a bottle of water priced at about $1 per bottle on average. (A case of the average case of bottled water runs about $4)

To save money around travel I bought a monthly bus pass which provides unlimited rides throughout the city is about $100 (I am in Chicago so this is very convenient!!) which saves on a taxi ride of about $20 per ride from my house to the lake shore! Also the city has provided so many laws that protect bikers I plan to use my bike a lot more this summer which is also great for exercise!!

With all the money I plan to save with my new plan I should have left over money after bills for ME! I am excited to spend my money on make-up and clothes instead of junk food and useless items!!

I plan to save about $300 a month because I am constantly on the go and spend more money than the average person due to my busy lifestyle. i spend about $6 a day on coffe which is about $42 a week and $168 a month. I spend about $10 a week on random snacks that are bad for me which is about $40 a month. I spend $20 about 3 times a week on cabs which is about $60 a week and $240 a month. that is about $448. It will cause a little over $100 to stock up on groceries for 2 weeks for snacks and water etc...

I will let you guys know how I do! Hopefully this was helpful for you! Let me know if you are on a saving plan you started for yourself! How is it going?

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