Monday night is TACO NIGHT!

5 years ago

Who doesn`t love a taco night!? I certainly do. Taco`s is one of my boyfriends favorite dishes and he`s been asking me if I would like taco`s for dinner for a few weeks now and each time he`s asked I just haven`t been in the mood. But while at the grocery store a few days prior I picked up a pack of ground turkey and put it in the freezer for us to make tacos when the mood struck. That mood struck Sunday night and my boyfriend said he`d make the meat mixture up. I can`t take any credit for this meal, he did it all, the meat, warming the taco shells, shredding the lettuce and dicing up the tomato and onion. Our meal was great! I actually really love ground turkey in tacos because you can`t tell it`s turkey, the meat is a little softer than hamburger would be so it`s great for tacos -- well it is if you ask me.

What did you have for dinner?
Do you like tacos?

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