Mom`s Birthday Lunch: ItalianFrench Buffet Style*PIC HEAVY!*

4 years ago


In the City I work, we decided to have lunch in a nearby Restaurant for my mom`s birthday last Friday. I visited this restaurant once before
which I posted here:

But this is the first time trying their buffet style lunch. It is a small, cute restaurant in the heart of the city and I quite like it.

It cost $175.00TT($29.10 USD) per person and they did not charge for my 6 year old niece. You had to pay for drinks separately, but the bill wasn`t bad in the end.

I posted up pics of my food since everyone was already eating by the time I got my camera out lol. My mom and brother ate the chicken,crab meat,lamb,shrimp etc
but I only eat shrimp (Only when I go to restaurants because I am the worst vegetarian in the world and actually don`t like veggies and I`m allergic to soya/tofu).

First course:
I wanted to try a little of everything to see what was tasting good. I got pasta,herb potatoes,Shrimp in tomato sauce,mixed lettuce salad
and a fruit salad consisting of apples and strawberries in some kind of sauce.
There was soup for appetizer and other food but I generally stick to the same foods...I am not adventurous when it comes to food.

Second Course:
Everything tasted delicious so I got the same stuff plus the mixed veggie rice,cucumber salad and a different type of fruit salad in a
creamy sauce for second course. I struggled for this course because I am not used to eating so much food!

Dessert round 1:
I picked up a little of everything to try. There was a dried fruit section, that carried the healthy treats like dried cranberries,dates,almonds,
I chose: red velvet cake, carrot cake, trifle,chocolate cake, chocolate filling cake,almonds and dried cranberries.My fave cake was the chocolate cake lol.

Dessert Round 2:
Since the chocolate cake was my fave I just chose that for second rounds and dried fruits and dates.

Mom`s Dessert plate:
Mom is a fan of cheesecake so she chose that. I hate cheesecake so I skipped it lol. She got chocolate filling cake,chocolate cake,carrot cake,dried fruit and almonds.

There was a lot more options to choose from but this is the stuff I chose and I enjoyed them.

I just wish I was a bigger eater so I could truly benefit from all you can eat buffets!

The food is so tasty here that I want to go back soon! They have a different theme everyday, so next time I want to go for Mexican :)

Hope you like my post!

Do you like Buffet style meals?
Or are you a small eater like me?

DISCLAIMER: Photos belong to me!

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