Mom Puts 4yo On a Diet

5 years ago

I was shocked when i saw this. Some of you might know the show "Toddlers and Tiaras", i know it from all the controversy it creates, and its a show where moms take their young daughters with dresses and paint them with more makeup than what you can find in a store. Besides all the controversy on it for the way moms treat the kids, now its also on the news for the claims of one of the moms that says that puts her 7yo daughter in a strict diet.

The mom of 4yo old Adriana made her daughter with only 4 years lose 4lb and only gave her salads to eat. This seems just cruel. Besides just hurting her child with this, this mom will also make her confuse because after the weight loss and make her feel miserable and hungry, once the girl tried on the dress it was to big and the mom said she needed to gain weight.

Other similar case is the mom of the 8yo Eve Rose you see in the picture, that says she makes her daughter only eat 1600 calories a day and has already made her daughter lose 10lb. The little girl says she has to watch what she eats and that she does feel hungry sometimes.

I think this is just sad and child cruelty. Im not even going to mention that other things that i have read about the show that just bugs me and makes me want to give those parents the award for worst parents, this is for sure going to make those little girls have body image issues and if they were already prone to that because of the standards that the media creates, with the parentings made them feel bad and dieting, this will definitely happen from an young age.
I feel bad for this girls and i think someone should do something about this.

<strong>What do you think of little girls as young as 4 and 8 years old diet? Do you also think they are to young to be dieting?</strong>

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