Mold on my Viva Glam Cyndi!

5 years ago

How devastating is that?! A few months ago, I opened my Viva Glam Cyndi, to find this. It`s covered in mold!
To get the basics outta the way:

1. I do store my lipsticks properly, and I`ve NEVER had this problem with any of my other ones before.2. I`ve had MAC lipsticks for longer than two years (for collection purposes) and this hasn`t happened to any of them before!

I`m wondering if this is just an issues with the Viva Glam line (as I only have two Viva glams, its hard to compare or know for sure) or if its just the Viva Glam Cyndi.

I know I`m not the only one that has experienced this because I`ve seen another post here on Luuux.

I don`t know how MAC managed to screw this one up, but I am sad because I love Cyndi so I really wanted to keep this for collection purposes. If it weren`t for the money going to charity research, then I would have been more angry.

I`m debating if I should just depot the lipstick out (and obviously throw it out) and just keep the tube. Or if I should just Back2Mac it.

Has anyone else experienced this with Viva Glam Cyndi or any other MAC lipstick?

*image is mine

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