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8 months ago

Recently I`ve been very keen on trying to keep my face as moisturized as possible. So in the morning and right before bed time, I apply rose hip oil to my face. But sometimes my face needs some extra help.

So while watching some videos on Daiso hauls, these face masks came up. The reviews were pretty good so I headed there and purchased a couple to try myself.
I picked up two different kinds. One`s called BB face mask which contains 2 masks and the one in the orange package is called CoEnzyme Q10 which contains 3 masks.

I haven`t tried the Coenzyne Q10 masks yet, but I`ve heard that it`s okay but not great. Some said that it moisturized but the effect doesn`t really last. One thing that was said about this mask was that it leaves somewhat of a sticky residue on your face. This does say that it contains snail secretion filtrate. I guess this kind of ingredient is currently in right now especially in Asia with skin care products. This does contain fragrance as listed in the ingredient lists and is made in Korea. So, I`ll have to give this a try to make my final decision on this one.

However I did give the BB face mask a try. It`s said to contain hyaluronic acid which is a moisturizing ingredient. It also contains fragrance but I find its not that strong. Barely noticeable to me once on. This is also made in Korea. I find that I like this mask. I put this mask on before bed and find it does moisturize my face and doesn`t leave a sticky residue after you pat the rest of the remaining liquid into your face. When I woke up the next day, my face still feels moisturized and my foundation looks much better on. I think it has to do with the hyaluronic acid which I believe is the 3rd ingredient in the list. I`ve read that hyaluronic acid helps with absorbtion. I`m definitely purchasing these again. In fact, I went back and bought 2 more packs. For $1.50 , you can`t beat the price.

Now there are two kinds of BB face mask. I think the other one is called Coenzyne which also contains 2 sheets. The packaging looks the same with the exception that on the bottom right hand side, there`s a blue water droplet. The BB one with the hyaluronic acid has gold water droplets. I personally prefer the hyaluronic one because I need all the moisture I can get. I also noticed that the hyaluronic one sells out faster than the Coenzyne one. This BB mask is great to use before special events or on big days. But of course as with all skin care products, test it out a couple weeks ahead to see if it`s compatible with your skin or not.

So if you`re looking for affordable masks to try, take a look at Daiso.

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