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4 years ago

Hello readers! today i will be reviewing these two moisturizers that i`ve been using for well over 3 months each. both hasn`t run out yet so they last you a long time even when you use it everyday and night! I prefer Neutorgena`s oil-free moisture sensitive skin over formula 10.0.6 seriously shine free mattifing oil-free moisturizer.

Formula 10.0.6 moisturizer---(2.54 fl oz)
The packaging is really cute. but the problem is that it`s a squeeze tube with a cap that i have to open and close every time i use it. I might be the only one that minds that but the next thing is that when i squeeze the tube to use it, too much product comes out and suddenly i have a hand full of moisturizer when i only needed a nickle size. that happens even when i squeeze gentlely. the lotion is pretty light on your skin and it`s hydrating. the scent is light and it goes away later. however it didn`t make my face matt like it said it would. i was a little dissapointed because i got the moisturizer because it said it`ll mattify me face. the moisturizing wasn`t so great. i had dry patches on my skin so i put some of it on, but later on i saw that it didn`t help my dry patch at all :/ so over all i didn`t like it.
-non moisturizing
-doesn`t mattify
-but cute packaging

Neutrogena oil- free moisture sensitive skin---(4 fl oz)
the packaging is boring but it`s so simple to use. since it`s a pump instead of a squeeze it`s much cleaner and accurate. you can open and close the pump by turning it to the side so it won`t dry out. the lotion is scent and alcohol free. so that`s really good for my skin! i really like this moisturizer. it doesn`t clog my pores or make my skin feel dull. it doesn`t mattify my face but it`s okay since it moisturizes so well! my dry patches were gone just from using this for a week and it`s great. very hydrating and light it makes my skin soft and clean feeling unlkie the formula 10.0.6.^^ Mine is in sensitive skin but you can get it in different kinds as well so check those out! i think im going to try the one with SPF in it next time!
-convinent packaging
-light formula

---you can get both of them at drugstores or ULTA.---

Thanks for reading and c u net time!!:) <3

***the picture is mine and i got all the items from my mom***

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