Modern Mandarin amp Skinny Dipping

4 years ago

A few posts back when I talked about my newest M.A.C. blush called Modern Mandarin from the Très Cheek collection the lovely /member/raquelg asked me to compare it with Hard Candys Fox in a Box in Skinny Dipping. I never even though about comparing the two until Raquel brought it up thinking that they may be dupes but after comparing the two they are not dupes. Id say they are in the same color family but they certainly dont look alike. Skinny Dipping is a boxed duo blush with a orange side and a shimmery bronze champagne side. The way I use it is that its a blush and highlight all in one and its always worked great for me and its the only Hard Candy Fox in a Box I like, plus its only $6 at Walmart. The orange side is more of a light orange peachy coral color. Also in the pan Skinny Dipping looks like it has some shimmers in it but when you swatch out the orange side it actually appears to me more on the matte side. Modern Mandarin on the other hand is a limited edition item that came out probably 2-3 weeks ago so supply is limited on it unless down the line you find it at a CCO but that probably wont be for months. It was $20 at M.A.C. and it has a satin finish. Modern Mandarin like I described before it knida like a tangerine color and you can definitely see the satin sheen finish when swatched out and its also very pigmented. But swatched next to Skinny Dipping Id say that Modern Mandarin is more of a darker burnt orange with a satin finish. As you can see the two colors are not that similar but they are also not similar when it comes to the texture, finish, and pigmentation. Both products are great and I love both but for sure they are not dupes.

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