Modern Family Finale!

I realize that I`m a tad late in writing about the finale, considering that it happened like last week. But I can explain :) See, I have always been completely against watching this show. I`ve pretty much hated Sofia Vergara because of her freaking accent, it drove me nuts! Then one day I was bored and downloaded the whole the first season. I watched an episode, and it was pretty funny. Then when summer came around, my first day, I was bored, and I put the first season on again. It continued to get funnier! I finally understood why they kept getting awards and why every kept talking about it. I soon finished the first season and by soon I mean within a day and a half. Then I downloaded the second season and finished that in like a day and a half. Then I downloaded the third season and watched that in a day. So pretty much, since Tuesday, I have finished season 1, 2, and 3 of Modern Family and have fallen completely in love. I feel like a part of their crazy, wonderful family. Anyways, who saw that finale?!?!? I`m so glad that Haley got into college! And I was shocked to find out that Gloria is preggers because I didn`t know guys as old as Jay could still give out working sperm... anyways. I feel sooooo bad for Mitchell and Cam because they really do seem like wonderful parents and no one is giving them a chance. But I guess that`s how adoption works. And btw, i absolutely love Phil`s character. He is hilarious! And also, a couple of episodes back, when he found out that Haley wasn`t a virgin, I really love how he reacted. I mean, of course he`s worried about her, but he was like "I trust you." And I really love the way that whole thing went down. I know this post was kind of random, but do you guys love Modern Family? If not, definitely watch an episode or two. You will probably fall in love.

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