Modern Barbie Makeup Tutorial

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Modern Barbie is one of my favourite looks to recreate. You don`t necessarily have to look like Barbie but with these simple strobing and shading techniques using minimal products, you too can become a living doll.

I strongly advise to teens to make it look as natural as possible, by using a light hand. But if you`re mature enough then you can add more contrast by putting more eyeshadow than I did in the video.

Step 1: Buff concealer over problem areas. Skin needs to be flawless to achieve this look.

Step 2: Lock concealer with a full coverage powder. Tip: use a sponge for more coverage. For a natural effect, use a soft brush.

Step 3: Apply a white eyeshadow or a lighter powder if you don`t have, all over your eyelid. Apply some on your brow bone to highlight.

Step 4: Using a brown eyeliner, fake a crease by lining it all the way through. Then, blend with a clean blending brush or your fingers.

Step 5: Take the pencil to your lower lash line and make an allowance so that there`s space between the waterline. This step will make your eyes bigger.

Step 6: Apply white eyeliner and take it all to way to the `allowance` you just made.

Step 7: Line your eyes again with a darker brown liner to add more contrast.

Step 8: I`m using the same pencil to fill in my brows and blending it with a synthetic brush.

Step 9: Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara. While the mascara is still wet, pinch the tips to remove excess product. This will make it look natural.

Step 10: Barbie is known for her little pointy nose. Contour the bridge of your nose using a matte eyeshadow or contour powder for more definition.

Step 11: Using a bright pink blush, Im applying it on the cheeks up to the temples with a fluffy face brush so that I don`t apply a lot.

Step 12: Lastly, put on pink lipstick.


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