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So about two days ago i got a message from a moderator saying that i was not allowed to post questions in my posts because this site is a blog site and "not twitter" and that i would not going to receive anything from the shop if i did not comply to rules.

Okay i admit that i didn`t put up all source links ( which i have now sorted out ), but this is completely unfair!!! Most people on this site ask a question in their posts... and she has not bothered to comment on THEIR posts saying THEY are not allowed to write a question in their posts. This really annoys me because i went through ALL my post and deleted my questions. Another thing whats the point if you can not interact with people. She said that i was "seeking advice from others" which is not true in the slightest... i have my own opinions, i just wanted to know other people views on beauty, food, fashion ect. Get this right to put the cherry on top of the cake !!!! click on her profile look at her posts and what do i see oh look shes asking..... QUESTIONS!!!!! omg talk about picking on someone much??? im so upset by this and think this is so unfair :( she also said that my posts are "too short and vague" which isnt true at all, okay yes they are short but they are to the point and with in Luuux minimum word guide line... another point for bulling goes to you i think... So why am i being picked on like this.... maybe im making points to quickly or maybe jealous of my writing style.... i don`t no... i still enjoy Luuux and will continue to use it but im not a happy person this week :( some people are just mean and unfair. Im not naming names as im not that kind of person and this post isn`t directed at a person in particular.... and oh before you start complaining :P yes the picture is my own that`s why their is no link lmao !!!

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