Modanna Stalker Locker Gets Opened, Creepy Stuff Inside!

5 years ago

You know, famous people might get a lot of great stuff and opportunities, but they also get a lot of crazies on the way.
Strangely i was watching a documentary on stalkers today and now i see this piece of news about a Madonna stalker.
Madonna is a big star and has been for years, so its not shocking that she had a share of stalkers and one of the ones that was caught had a locker he owned opened recently.

As you can see, he had some stuff typical of a stalker like pictures of Madonna but then he had the creepy stuff, such as the knifes and a strange and kinda of disturbing mask.
The items were found now because he the failed to pay the bill for the renting of the locker and so it went to auction, then all of this was found.
It really sucks for celebrities have to live with stalker harassing them, it must be hard to live with that fear sometimes, especially because all of them are crazy and hae creepy stuff like this.

<strong>What do you think of celebrity stalkers? Do they creep you out ?
What do you think of the stuff that was found from this stalker?</strong>

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