Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space

4 years ago

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Yet another game review for everyone by me! This one is called Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space! Released back in 2003 for the Play Station 2, there`s not one protagonist in this game, but you take on the role of many of the protagonists and antagonists from several Gundam series throughout the years. Or you can create your own character and have him/her go through their own war campaign.

The gameplay`s controls are rather complicated and it takes someone with good dexterity and skills to learn and control them. As with trying to control an actual mobile suit, each mobile suit`s controls are similar but differ slightly, and react differently from model to model. Since ALL the battles take place in space it`s vastly different form the other Gundam games that take place on land. You have to learn how to dodge attacks and attack at the same time and choose whether to stay away from your opponent and shoot from from far away or close in for melee attacks. This can be very difficult for many people to learn and I know a few people who never could. So it`s a very challenging game right off from a controlling standpoint. Graphics for the game are extremely well done. Many of the most famous Mobile Suits from the Gundam series are beautifully rendered in 3D, and the cut scenes look as if they are strait out of the anime series (Many of which were but most was new animated content). Sound effects we`re well done, many of them were strait out of the many series the Mobile Suits represented. But there were several new sound effects added. The soundtrack to the game was excellently done. The game incorporated many of the songs from several of the series and even added in a few new ones. All 3 of these combine to give you a Gundam video game experience never before felt before or since for a Gundam game. As stated in the previous paragraph, there were several stories within the game itself. You could play the many storylines from several of the Gundam series, both on the good guys` side and the bad guys` side. There was even a couple of new custom stories made for the game itself. There was even a game mode where you could make your own character and have him or her go through their own war campaign. I`ve have literally spent hours on this part along. In fact the strongest character on my game is a custom female character I made for the Zeon Side. As I initially made this as joke campaign where I would do the most difficult levels while having the computer pick which mobile suit to use (and thereby have no real chance of completing the campaign), I made her name a rather... indecent sounding name, one of which I can`t repeat here. Needless to say I surprised myself and my brother (who owns the game) when I beat every single level on hard without losing once. She became the most powerful Newtype character on my list and still is to this day.

All in all this is a LONG game to play. With many story lines to go through and story lines you can make yourself, there is literally no end to this game. This is an incredibly fun and very fast pace game to play. You NEED to be fast and have quick reactions for this game if you want to avoid getting blasted in space. It`s very challenging and takes someone with skill, dexterity, and determination to get through this game. I highly recommend it to the higher skilled gamers.

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