Mo Ran Gak: Restaurant Review!

I`ve been doing a lot of Yelping lately and I thought I`d also share my restaurant reviews on here since I`m a total foodie, nyom nyom nyom! If you`re a big fan of Korean food, Mo Ran Gak in Garden Grove, CA is definitely a place you should check out!

Location: It`s located in Garden Grove which is Korean food central. It`s a pretty big restaurant but has a really small parking area. There`s always these huge trucks taking up space so every time I go there, I park in the neighborhoods next to it, which is a little bit annoying but I`d say worth it for the food. The inside is pretty huge and nicely decorated and clean and modernized so that`s a huge plus.

Service: I`m always seated at least within 10 minutes of arrival. Granted, I`m always going in groups of 2 or 3 so it`s not a huge party but they`re very organized and quick about getting people in and out. They always make sure to walk by and refill your side dishes. Sometimes they even give you complimentary stuff if you`re nice which I love and the workers are very helpful in terms of suggesting good dishes and foods to try. Very very very nice! :)

Food: I`ve been here about 5 times and have never gotten the meat part, but rather, other traditional Korean dishes. First time I went in a group of 4, we got the stone bibimbap, the seafood pancake, and a stone pot egg soup. The bibimbap is really good and I love that it`s made on the stone plate (?) cause it keeps it nice and toasty and has a great taste. They`re really generous with the serving and helpful when you have questions. The seafood pancake is one of my favorites BUT BUT BUT it`s a little bit on the expensive side. 16.95 for one seafood pancake (that`s pretty big) and I only ever get it if I`m splitting among a decent amount of people. Most places run their seafood pancake at about 8 or 10 dollars so a 17 dollar seafood pancake is KIND of ridiculous in my opinion. I wish they would lower the price because it`s actually yummy and I LOVE seafood pancake.

Their stone pot eggs soups are SO good and they really fill it up to the brim (instead of those nasty deflated egg pots that fill up 1/4 of your bowl). Nice flavoring and each one is about 3 dollars so I like to share with a friend to get the soup on the side. Last thing I really like there is their bibimnaemyeon. It`s a nice chance to try naemyeon if you`ve never tried it and don`t want to delve right into the super watery naemyeon. This one has little water and it`s just the cold noodles with veggies and egg and sometimes meat depending on your order. They give you a big bowl for about 8 dollars and are very generous with noodles so I`m ALWAYS way too full by the end, haha. They`re even super nice about coming around and asking if you want more noodles if they notice you have sauce left. I LOVE THAT!

Definitely a great place for traditional Korean food that`s QUALITY. It would be five stars but the location is meh in terms of parking lot and some food is a LITTLE expensive. But other than, worth the trip because it`s always a great meal when I go! :)

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