MMMM Yummy Avocados.

Howdy Luuuxies, I`m blogging more on my favorite universe: FOOD! lol. I love food. A lot of my family envies me, because I`m one of those individuals that can eat three times a day and not really gain any weight.

I want to blog about avocados. I have heard that supposedly they`re good for so many thing, but I know one thing for sure. Apparently all those vitamins and antioxidants it has can be used on your face to help it rejuvenate. I`ve never done such a thing, I just love eating them. lol.

I saw on a weekly ad that they were four for a dollar. I went and got like eight. They were just right. MMM! I would eat them as a snack with a little quezo fresco on the side, ofcourse, I add a little grain salt on top of the avocados. They`re so darn good.

I usually just use them to make sandwiches and those kinda things. What do you all think about avocados? Do you like them?

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