Mmm..Boba Milk Tea

5 years ago

Hey Boba milk tea lovers out there..

who doesn`t love a cool drink of boba milk tea. I know I do. During the summer months is when I drink and crave for it the most. But as you know, it`s not always cheap to buy them from stores, even though I know a store that sells just plain boba milk tea for $1.50 for regular size. But it takes me a little over half an hour to get there and I will only drink from that place. So I make my own. Good thing now is that I can have some whenever I want it and take it along with me in a portable cup to wherever I want. And it`s even cheaper too. I can also control the taste, how sweet I want it and how much of a tea flavor I want in it.

As you can see I have some boba pearls soaking in sugar syrup. The boba I used are the ones where you have to cook for 20 mins and let it sit in the pot for another 20 mins. I don`t use the 5 min instant bobas. I haven`t tried it and don`t know how it taste. Well, letting them soak in the sugar syrup makes the boba sweeter. Besides the regular plain old milk tea version I also make the longan and lychee versions. They are all yummy. If only I can get a hold of some lychee ice cream it would even be better for the lychee boba. What`s your favorite boba drink?

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