MMA Fighter Rips Tongue amp Heart Out!

4 years ago

Eeeeeek! My stomach can never handle anything that`s brutal like this story! A former mixed-martial artist was so high on mushroom that he murdered his own friend. It wasn`t a shooting or anything, but he ripped out his friend`s tongue & still beating heart. Jarrod Wyatt killed his friend and left him helpless dead on the couch, chest cut opened, his heart, tongue and his face removed. Autopsy was done and said his organ were removed when his friend was still alive. The former MMA so called left his friend, Taylor Powell heart on the charred in a wood burning stove in his residence. Ahhhh! That`s so brutal and wrong to do to a friend. Questionnaire: 1. Are you shock what mushroom drugs can do to a person? 2. Were you sick when you read that post? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. sports

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