MLP: FiM Episode Review- S1 E25: Party of One

5 years ago

Hello again everypony! This time I`ll be reviewing episode 25 of season 1, "Party of One". This episode is revolved around the party animal Pinkie Pie. Basically, she wants to throw a party but comes to find that all her friends already have things planned. This causes her to become suspicious and feel that they no longer like her nor her parties.
This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. It provides a look into the world of Pinkamena Diane Pie. (Pinkie Pie`s "alter ego" which is shown when her poofy hair deflates.) But really, the only reason this is a favorite of mine is because Pinkie goes insane. Not that she isn`t always insane, she`s just more insane. Which is pretty hilarious.
Anywho, I really recommend watching this episode simply due to it`s sheer hilariosity. But that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t watch every other episode either!

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