MJ Album Without Michael?!

5 years ago

Michael Jackson released an album years ago called Michael, which featured some unreleased songs performed by him, or at least that is what people were supposed to believe.
Paris, MJ daughter, has said that the voice in some of the songs is not the one from the actual Michael Jackson but by someone that sounds like him named Jason Malachi.

Paris said this in a video conference with a friend where Paris played some tracks of the song and the other friend said it didnt sound like MJ, which Paris replied : "It`s NOT him ... the whole album isn`t even him!! Go online ... go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That`s him!! and that she could tell because MJ used to sing to her a lot.

That video conference session was recorded and is now going around the media websites/magazines to see who offers more money for it.

Its kinda of sad that someone with record this and then tries to sell it, but then again im not surprised. It would be very bad if it actually wasnt MJ on the songs but Sony and Jason Malachi are denning this.

<strong>What do you think of the possibility of not being MJ on the songs and just someone that sounds like him?
Are you a Michael Jackson fan?</strong>

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Source link: http://www.tmz.com/2012/02/29/michael-jackson-paris-album-fake-voice-jason-malachi/

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