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I`m going to be a lil bit open but growing up I`ve always had really sweaty armpits, disgusting, I know! My sophomore up until senior year I was on a team that required a lot of physical activities that had me sweating up a storm. My team mates definitely know how that I went. I would constantly raise my arm (in a nonchalant way of course) and ask if I had sweat marks. I was always too shy to raise my hand as well. Talk about all the struggles my dang armpits put me through!!! Anyways, onto the product!

Mitchum has saved me! I went through several types of deodorant. Different textures, smell, brand, you name it! Went through them all. They would work out for me at first but after about 3 weeks to a month I`d find myself going back to square one cause well, my armpit would become immune to the qualities of the deodorant. NOT UNTIL, I tried out Mitchum. I tried Mitchum last spring and as first I was skeptical about it since all my other deodorants have seemed to be too good to be true but after a month of using it I realized that it`s lasting power remained the same as how it had been since day 1. The smell stayed. Armpits didn`t sweat even if it was BLAZING hot especially during tryouts week. It did the job. I knew it was the one. Sounds so crazy to be talking about a deodorant like this but for all the girls who struggled with their armpits, yall are with me on this one!!! It can get difficult and quite aggravating to always have to switch up your deodorants.

The Mitchum that I own is the Powder Fresh Scent and it smells like a baby. I prefer these type of smells when it comes to deodorant just because it`s fresh, hence the name. The whole florally fruity smell just doesn`t work for me because I find that they wear off a lot faster and if you were to sweat the mixture of those two smells would just not be pleasant. The form I have is a solid form because for me (sweaty armpit type) the solid form just works better than gel or spray form.

Overall I love this deodorant. The best and is definitely my holy grail!

Price- $4.99 @ Walmart

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