MIT builds robotic system capable of replicating objects

Technology uses cubes equipped with processors, and buttons to identify ways and play.

Imagine you have a great litter box in which you just bury a stool. Shortly afterwards, when you return to the site there is an identical replica of sand to the wooden furniture. Although this situation seems a scene from Harry Potter movie, she is actually the example set by MIT to one of his groundbreaking research.

Scientists at the research center Distributed Robotics Laboratory, belonging to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a robotic system capable of duplicating forms - a potential technology for improving three-dimensional impressions.

According to the publication of the MIT news, technology (for now called the "smart sand") seeks to replicate objects in an automated fashion. The current experiments have been performed with 10 mm cubes, and each has a microprocessor and magnets in four of its sides.

By means of electrical signals and messages, these cubes can communicate and map the position of each of the devices that are around you. This way they can identify the exact dimensions of an object inserted into your network. With this information, the "smart sand" can play a replica using the cubes. The operation of the technology becomes more clear with the video above, though he is English.

The latest creation of the MIT researchers will be presented at the next conference IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, an event that will be held next May.

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