Mistakes Before A Workout - What You Shouldn`t Do.

5 years ago

I just saw an article online about before workout rules or what you shouldn`t do before an workout and they make good points, things that people sometime forget and i thought it would be nice to share and also give my opinion on them.

I have to say i agree with their rules of "what not to do before a workout" and im going to quote the rule and give part of my thought on it:

<strong>Cold stretching:</strong> Before an workout, a little warm up is important but stretching without an warm up is not that good for you and even just stretching as warm is not exactly helpful and from what i know, there is not any proof that it actually helps before a workout. So a little cardio warm up would be the best.

<strong>Eating too much:</strong> Sometime people eat to much right before an workout to give them energy for the workout but that can actually be a mistake because you might feel sick and end up not getting an workout at all. So a small snack an hour and something before the workout is good.

<strong>Not planning ahead:</strong> This means that some people don`t plan their workouts and that can be a mistake because if you don`t plan an workout and fit it into your day, chances are that the workout wont happen lol so, plan what you want to do and do it when you have the time for it but make sure you don`t skip the workouts.

These are some helpful tips and i hope i gave a good clarification that might help you.

<strong>Have you ever did one of those workouts mistakes?</strong>

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