Missing Olympians to Seek Asylum?

4 years ago

People from all over the world go to the Olympics to compete and some come from countries that may suffer from poverty, war, high levels of crime and a low standard of life. These may be the reason why 3 Guineans, 3 Ivorians, 11 Congolese and Cameroonians have gone missing shortly before or after the Olympics commenced. Among the missing is Guinean judo competitor Facinet Keita pictured above. Many may be seeking a better life in Europe and immigration officials fear that up to 2 per cent of the Olympic visitors from some continents may claim refuge in the UK in the months after the games which could be hundreds of people. We have this happen here but it is mainly when Cuban baseball players come to play there is always one that mysteriously goes missing like a woman from the Cuban baseball team this summer and a few years ago it was two male Cuban baseball players.

Do you think these Olympians should be granted asylum and allowed to stay in Europe?
What do you think about people seeking asylum or refugee status?
Would you go "missing" too if you came from a country afflicted with poverty, crime or war and got the chance to leave?

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188496/Fears-asylum-claims-Olympic-athletes-missing-meant-home.html

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