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5 years ago

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Wasn`t sure where this post fit in.. but i figured since i was suggesting to use an electronic device this place is just fine.

Have you ever had to miss class because you had to do something else or were just lazy?.. or was just late to a class because you woke up late? I have.. actually this morning i was 30 minutes late to class because i slept late.

Luckily i made a couple of friends in the class. One of my classmates offered me her notes.. as i was copying down her notes i thought to myself "damn i am too lazy to copy all of these.. do i really need them?".. Of course i needed them they are going to be on next weeks quiz!.. then i remembered I use to take pictures of my political science teachers powerpoint lectures with my phone!.. As seen with the picture above.. that is just one picture i took of my friends notes with my blackberry!.. it is so much easier.. now i can just look at it on my laptop.. and type it down in M.word if needed or just copy it into my own written notes when i am not lazy!

You can use any electronic device that has a camera! and it doesnt even have to be your friends notes.. it can be also be lectures or anything your teacher writes on the board or is showing in a powerpoint =)
This is not another technique to help you learn.. just a step for those days you feel extra tired or lazy to write everything your teacher is saying or miss a class.

Hope you enjoyed my tips.. and use them in your own life =)

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