Miss a Day at the Gym? Pay Up for everytime you don`t go the Gym!

<em>It`s a new year and I bet on everyone`s new years resolution it`s to try to get fit, eat healthier but really.. how many of us are really accomplishing that? And if you are, congrats but me... ehh kind of lazy and it`s only the 20th day of the new year!</em>

There`s a new application called <strong>Gym Pact</strong> that actually fines you if you don`t go to the gym so that is a way to motivate some people to go the gym because who would want to drop $5 into waste for not going to the gym that day/week/month? Imagine not going a week that is already $35 down the drain! With $35 you can buy some shoes, jeans, shirt!

But... if you do go the gym guess what? You are getting incentives for going to the gym. So those who didn`t go to the gym get deducted $5 and if you do go to the gym, you`ll get a portion of the money from those who aren`t going to the gym = win win situation! You don`t get $5 but you get anywhere from 50 cents to $1 which isn`t bad for doing something you`re already supposed to be doing = going to the gym! But what if everyone`s going to the gym then.. the application might go into bankruptcy, lol.

<strong>What do you think of this system? Would you use Gym Pact?</strong> It does sound like a very good application but if I was to cough up $5 for every time I missed the gym when I`m supposed to go.. I would be freaking broke!

If you want to know more about this application visit the article link below.
This application is available for iPhone users [since now smart phones are high tech your phone and the app will track your location so you can`t cheat the system and earn extra bucks] Soon the app will be available for Android & HTML5 users but not yet.

Article via http://bucks.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/02/gym-pact-fines-you-for-not-exercising/
Photo via http://www.myhealthtoday.com/10-ways-to-make-yourself-keep-going-to-the-gym/

Source link: http://www.myhealthtoday.com/10-ways-to-make-yourself-keep-going-to-the-gym/

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