Miss A- Touch (review)

5 years ago

***Video is not mine, it`s property of JYP-Miss A***

Miss A is a korean pop girl group founded by CEO JY Park. They debuted maybe two years ago with a hit song "good girl, bad girl" as the cover song for their first single. The second album step it up featured music used in the movie step up 3 as well as the hit song "Breathe" and later released a come back video "good bye baby".

Now they have another album out with "touch" as the main song and video. I have to say..I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! I love everything about it. I haven`t seen JY Park hit a bad note with these girls yet. from the choreography to the lyrics of the song everything just hits this nerve that`s been waiting to be struck for years. I fell in love with Kpop back in 2008 or so which was when Kpop in my opinion was in its prime. Groups were coming out with hit after hit and then slowly but surely everything went to crap lol. The hits were still there but few and far between. I digress, this is about "touch" okay so let`s focus.

What touch does for me no other girl group has done before. At least not since I got into kpop. Touch is so mature and classy, so sexy without trying. The choreography is like real choreography. Unlike other kpop dances it`s not trying to be something anyone could follow along. It actually shows that these girls are talented and that`s why they`ve made it this far. The lyrics are haunting and about a girl who fell in love without realizing it with a guy who is all kinds of wrong for her. And although she`s suffering with this love she can`t stop herself from falling back into it again and again. She`s hurt by this dude and it`s hardening her heart. Its Miss Havisham meets pop synth with some robot moves thrown in and all mixed up with some creepy hot bandage outfits lol

Over all: This video is awesome. the song will get stuck in your head and you`ll want it there. You`ll attempt, and fail at the choreography but have fun doing it anyway lol. It`s just a big hit and I`m so excited for Miss A`s future hits. Great job ladies.

By the way any miss a fans out there have any idea who the mysterious dude in the video was?? I think it may have been jokwon of 2am. Also who`s your favorite members?


***Video is not mine, it`s property of JYP-Miss A***

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF8Fst_zonU&feature=player_embedded

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