Miso amp Soysauce Salad Dressing?

These are new additions to my cupboard. I went grocery shopping the other day and they were giving mini samples of this mixed with tomatoes and cucumbers. It was really delicious! I tried the miso and mustard in the store, and it has a great taste to it. It really tastes like miso, and that`s a key ingredient my mom has always used in cooking in place of salt. I grew up with that flavor and I love it. The second one I bought is the Mustard and Soy Sauce one, they weren`t giving samples of this, but I thought I would try it too. The lady told us that it would be great on salads and it has a lot less fat and salt compared to a lot of salad dressings. A lot of people eat salads to lose weight, but forget the calories, fat, and sodium in their salad dressings. However, it`s not just about weight loss, it`s about health in general. I`m excited to try these with my salads. I`ll review them individually later ;)

<em>Have you tried either of these salad dressings?</em>

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