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3 years ago

Today is certainly Fall weather... crisp with a bit of sunlight. I went to the dollar store to grab some Fall decor for my room. I really enjoy taking the time to decorate my room according to the seasons and make it come alive. Managed to buy some other miscellaneous items that I think I need? Lol hey, it`s only a $1. Can`t go wrong there, so here it goes. I numbered them so it is easier for you guys to decipher what I am talking or more like writing about:

**Most of these items separately seem really random, but they are for a centerpiece in the next picture**

1) CANDY CORN: Whoever says they do not like candy corn is a liar! One of the best inventions on this Earth and yes, it is pure sugar but who doesn`t take a spoon and eat pure sugar every now and then... I`m so guilty of that! Plus, it is a Fall essential!!

2) LEAVES GARLAND: I am planning on hanging this along my window. They are fake and they have two holes in the end so I can hang them up with ease.

3) FLORAL STYROFOAM: I don`t even know what this thing is called, but I bought this as a base for my pumpkin sticks I also bought at the dollar store... AS SHOWN IN THE NEXT PICTURE!

4) LEAVES: As mentioned before, this is for the centerpiece. Too bad they are`t real... I would love to get some real ones because I love the crutch they make.

5) CALENDAR: So I have this cheap calendar that I made from a piece of paper. It`s quite pathetic, just taped on the back of my door lol. I really like to organize my days, work, and upcoming events so I finally bought a big calendar! I`m a huge visual person, so this is perfect for me! It doesn`t hurt that it`s only a $1. Ones at Target or even Walmart are at least $5 or more!

6) CHEESEBALLS: Okay, I didn`t think I should put in as miscellaneous items such as this but it was part of my haul and I felt weird not showing you guys everything that I got! I don`t know, I have been craving cheeseballs for the longest time. At work, one my co-workers has a bag of cheeseballs stored away and I always look at it. Creepy I know! Too good, just too good!!

7) ENVELOPE: My friend`s birthday is coming up so I wanted to mail her a picture frame (#8) of us.

8) PICTURE FRAME: No need to explain this as I just did in #7 lol.

9) PUMPKIN STICKS: I mentioned before this is for my centerpiece. SEE PICTURE.

So, the grand total... $9 for 9 items plus tax


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