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5 years ago

Okay, I need to stop hunting for things because doing that, inevitably, means I see other products that I have:
A)wanted for a while
B)suddenly remember another Luuuxer raved about
C)It just looks interesting and I`m sucked into wanting it.

Yeah, that was what happened here. I am going to have to put myself on a no buy (with the exception of the new Essie collection.. HA!) because my wallet is probably crying.

But another haul means I can share some goodies with you. Let me just jump into what I bought.

I was REALLY trying not to buy anymore polish because, lets be honest, I don`t need anymore and am trying to only pick something up if it REALLY catches my eye. But, I saw these Sally Hansen Color Quick pens marked down for just over a buck. I think they`re trying to get rid of them. I always said these things are crummy for actual manicures, and I stand behind that. But I have heard they work well for image plates, so I bought 1 of each of the clearanced ones. I`m going to give them a whirl with image plates. I wish they had a silver, but the slot where they were was empty (DANG IT!)

Next I spotted some Out The Door top coat. I love my Seche Vite but the second most used top coat I see mentioned is Out The Door. I`ve never used it but my mother in law swears by it and she is just as crazy about her nails, so I figured I`d try it out.

Close to the Out The Door were nail treatments. I really like my Burts Bees cuticle balm, but I saw a little tub with a horse on the front and my curiosity got the best of me. I HAD to see what the heck this stuff was and what it claimed to do and why in the world it had a horse on the front. Well it is called Healthy Hoof and is a protein cream that is supposed to strengthen your nails and make them healthier all around. I`m going to give it a go. It can`t hurt anything, anyway.

Lip wise, I didn`t get much. I`m pretty well set with all my new lip products I`ve bought in the last 2 months. Buuuuut...the lure of seeing someone else rave over this next product MADE me get it.. I had no choice. :-P It is the new Physicians Formula PHmatchmaker gloss. It kind of has the same idea as the Oglow or whatever that are supposed to change to your "perfect" shade based on light and your body temperature. I bought mine in Light Pink. They only have 2 shades. I wore it already today and so far I like it. I also enjoy the gimicky things like the mirror on the side of the tube and the fact that the wand has a light that turns on so you can see if you happen to be applying in the dark (hahahahaha!). Staying with the lips, I also bought a 3 pack of moisturizing chapstick. I can never have enough of these. Myself, my husband, and our son all have very full lips and always have chapstick on hand.

Shew, almost done... For the face... I bought a new cleanser. This one is Neutrogena Naturals Purifying facial cleanser. I`m using one right now by Clean & Clear but it has been burning my face like none other recently. The reason being, my dermatologist has started me on Differin and the combo of that and the harshness of my cleanser was just too much for my skin. I decided to try something more natural in hopes that it will be gentle and not make me feel like my face is going to blister off.

The very last product I spotted when I picked up the gloss... it is Physicians Formula Matte Collection eyeshadow quad in Classic Nudes. I have no justification for this one. I love mattes and nudes on the eyes and... I don`t know... I just picked it up and decided to buy it. I probably didn`t need this one... no, I know I didn`t need this one with all the shadows I already have that are probably spot on or very similar... Ugh, whatever.

So that is it. More new goodies to try out! I`d love to know if you have used any of these items and what you thought of them (especially the cleanser! I haven`t used it yet, but am going to tonight)

<Strong>FULL LIST OF ITEMS:</Strong>
Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Green Chrome
Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Pink Chrome
Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Fuchsia Chrome
Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Gold Chrome
Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Red Chrome
Out The Door top coat
Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment
Physicians Formula PHmatchmaker in Light Pink
(3) Moisture Chapsticks
Neutrogena Naturals purifying facial cleanser
Physicians Formula matte eyeshadow quad in Classic Nudes


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