Misc Haul: Biore, Andrea, Satin Care, Quattro, Goody

4 years ago

So this is a haul from a while back of misc things that I needed to pick up. It`s not the most exciting haul, but I love all hauls the same, I don`t discriminate, lol. I`ve been using most of these products for some time so here`s a list with a mini review:).

Andrea Face and Body Wax: $4-$5
These are great wax strips for that annoying lady fuzz and body hair. It comes with an awesome cream to make hair growth slower and an oil to remove any wax residue. I`ve gone through a ton of the facial strip boxes (I`ve been using them for half a year at least) and I continue to purchase them. They`re affordable and work awesome!

Satin Care Shaving Cream: $2-$3
I`ve tried a few shaving gels for women, it`s not like there`s an enormous range to choose from at Walmart (lol), and I`ve found that these are great. They lather up very nicely, and my skin always feel soft and hydrated afterwards. They have nice scents as well and are affordable. Plus, there`s often online coupons that can make these even cheaper.

Quattro Refill Blades: $8-$10
I`ve been using the Quattro razor for women for about a year now (in which time I`ve had the same razor blade and just replaced the razors with these refills). It`s still perfectly fine and showing no wear, and these blades last a pretty good time too. I`m not COMPLETELY sure about the price of these but I think they`re in this range. I`m never using disposable ones again!

Goody Hair Brush and Hair Clips: $3-$5
There`s nothing special about this hairbrush, lol. And there`s nothing wrong with it either. It`s nice and big and gets the tangles out no problem. The clips are nice too.

Cotton Brand Pads, Balls and Q-Tips: $1.75-$2 each
I love this brand for these basic necessities. Everythings good quality and really cheap. None of these fall apart or feel like I got them for the price that I did. I would definitely recommend these!

Biore Nose Strips: $8-$10
I always find these super pricey but I only use them for special occasions. My clarisonic keeps my face pretty good most days, but this is good to do every once in a while for a deep cleaning. I like these better than any other I`ve tried so I pick them up when I need to.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and mini-review! It`s nice to be back and blogging:). I missed Luuux this past semester.

Happy Luuuxing!

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