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5 years ago

In case you dont know who Miranda Kerr is, she is one of the beautiful Victoria Secret models, and due to her job, she has to have extra care with what she eats and her exercise because her industry is mostly focused on what she ( the models) look.
So she has to be careful on what she eats but that doesnt mean she lives unhappy and deprived of foods that others eat almost every day.

Here is what she does and that<strong> you can also follow this tips </strong>from a supermodel:

- <strong> A 80/20 Diet - </strong> This means that 80% of her diet is clean and healthy foods and 20% is left for her to indulge in some other foods. Now this is a surprising diet method for a model because people think they dont eat nothing but salads ( some of them sadly do or did) but this is nothing more than a healthy diet but with space for some indulgences and that makes for a more sustainable diet that will avoid frustration because you feel like you cant eat nothing more, so its a good thing she follows this.
- <strong> Exercise : A combination of exercises - </strong> To stay fit and get back in shape, especially after giving birth, Miranda does a combination of Pilates, yoga and weight training, which as you can see it gives her great results. The fact that she includes so much variety is great to make exercise not only fun, but to produce results so the body doesnt get used to it and the weight training helps a lot with body composition and has tons of health benefits.

As you can see, even after giving birth, Miranda Kerr looks great and the way she approaches exercise/fitness and diet is the best way to go for it and everybody, men or woman, can take some tips from her healthy lifestyle.

<strong> 1- What do you think of her diet and fitness habits? Do you also find them to be easy to follow?</strong>

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