Minus5 Ice Bar At Monte Carlo in Las Vegas!

5 years ago

Brrrr... Its cold in here... While I was on my five days vacation in Las Vegas last Fall. My siblings and I stayed at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. Every day we would always exit the side just because it was closer to us. 

While I was walking out I spotted an attracting hotspot! I didn`t know what it was because I`ve seen people wearing furry gears, holding onto their drinks, music popping and what not. Hmmm... Intresting. As I was walking out the sliding doors I spotted a TV showing what that place was about! Omgee! It`s an Ice Bar where it`s freezing cold in there. Of course it was already Fall, but let me tell you. They actually have everything iced out! Lol

I read there is also another one in the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. That one is actually at Lounge, but this one is a freaking bar. :) Inside all of their interior components from bar, tables, chairs, benches, chandelier are made from ice & LED lights!

1. Have you been or seen this place in person?
2. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

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