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4 years ago

hey everyone! i havent logged onto luuux in a long time and i finally got my points back after returning my gucci sunglasses so im super excited to start earning points again and im deciding on hunter rain boots, burberry scarf or maybe a hair straightener since i really need one.

for those of you who dont know what hot pot is, its basically a restaurant where they have mini stoves in front of you with a pot of boiling water...you choose your soup base and throw the food in as they come. minni hotpot is a place me and my friend andie and jenny stumbled upon when we were in flushing, i`ve been hitting the gym alot recently so i decided to treat myself to a really good meal and this has become my favorite place ever since! Its such a clean enviroment and the staff are really attentive, its not an all you can eat buffet but i prefer it that way since i cant eat that much anyways. I ordered the beef hot pot and it comes with fatty beef and alot of veggies!

the thing i love most about this place is that they serve drinks, and i dont mean just soda, water and tea, but bubble tea, fruit juices, slushies and all kinds of goodies! im the type of person who cant eat dinner with a hot drink, i have to have a cold drink in front of me! is anyone of you like that too? i would rate this restaurant a 4.5 out of 5 the enviroment is clean the food comes in decent portions where 11 or 12 bucks will get you a really full meal which says alot since hotpot in new york usually ranges anywhere from 18-25 bucks! the .5 i took away is because its really a journey to get there, driving takes over half an hour. the exact address for minnis is 13617 38th Ave Flushing, NY 11354 incase anyone wants to try really good hotpot and happens to be in the area!

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