Mini Walmart Haul

3 years ago

Hi Luuuxers,

I just wanted to share a quick haul with you all! These are products I have been meaning to purchase for a while now, but just haven`t had the chance!

First up, is the Maybelline Mega Plush VolumExpress mascara.
I have heard a lot of good things about this mascara, and how it creates a `wet look` which I have been looking for in a mascara. I`m excited to try it, and curious about the flexible brush head.

Next up, I also wanted to get some baby shampoo. Hope, this isn`t for my hair, and I don`t have any kids yet, so it`s not meant for them either. This I purchased to use as a brush cleaner! I`ve been looking for a good yet inexpensive brush cleaner. I have a spray one for spot cleaning, but I wanted something for deep cleansing! I know lots of people use regular dish soap, but I got a tip to use baby shampoo instead since it is soft, it cleanses very well, and it is meant for hair, so it leaves the bristles soft.
This product isn`t actually just baby shampoo, it`s also used as a baby body wash too. They are similar formulas, but I felt like this would leave less residue since it is used from `head to toe`!

My brushes really needed a deep clean, so I washed them right away (you can tell that there are some bubbles inside the bottle), and I was really impressed. It got rid of all the make-up and my brushes felt nice and soft. I would totally suggest this to someone looking for a cheap and easy brush shampoo.

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