Mini Victoria`s Secret Haul amp Annoying Experience!

4 years ago

The other day I needed to find a strapless bra for my brother`s wedding. My dress is strapless, so there lol. Anyways I went into Victoria`s Secret to find one, because any old cheap strapless bra I`ve ever tried, never would stay up. I really didn`t want to spend over $40 on one, so I was very happy when I found this one for just under $33!
However, the sale`s associate was a nightmare. As I was walking into the dressing room, she asked me if I had been fitted for a bra since February, and I said "no" without thinking - big mistake. I was assuming she would`ve asked me if I wanted to be, or something, but instead she legit walked into the room with me and just started measuring. Whatever, at least then I could get rid of her, right? Wrong. After I tried this bra on she was like "Do you have it on, how`s it fitting?" and I said "Yeah, and it`s just fine." So what does she do? WALKS INTO THE ROOM WITH ZERO NOTICE. and starts feeling me up. Ok, lady. I have no shirt on for Pete`s sake! I don`t even know you! Ugh. Anyways. She goes "Oh I have one in mind that I think you`ll like more! And grabbed it and came back and did the same thing, instead of cracking the door and handing it to me, she walked right back in and was practically putting it on me! So I kindly kciked her out and tried that one on just to shut her up, and she walked in yet again once I had that one on, and yeah. Basically, she was annoying and quite pushy. And as soon as she was out of sight (so she couldn`t try to convince me otherwise) I ran back over to this first bra and bought it instead (the other one was $55!) And I went to the cash register that was on the far end of the store she wouldn`t notice. Also, I was going to get this in nude, but they legit only had one nude one on display and the one tried on, I don`t even know what she did with it. So I got black because the only other color was pink. Bottom line: I HATE SALES ASSOCIATES and I avoid them at any costs lol! And I forgot to mention, this is simply called the "Multi Way", and does come with straps but are removable.

*Photos are MINE.
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