Mini Spring Haul

5 years ago

Hi guys
It has been a while. I was sick plus lazy and my internet connection was really slow..and stuff so i lost my appetite to post things. So i went to the mall yesterday just to pick up some new items for the spring. I`m really into pastel colors and polkadots lately, I`m obsessed actually, so when i saw these i was like "ahhh gotta have it!!" which i did
First off, the minty shirt. I love this shirt, I love the color, and the details on the shirt, I think it`s super cute and I`m into those crop shirt in the spring too. So it was perfect! The price is really nice too, it was $12.95 at H&M
Second thing i got is the polkadots shirt, the style is just like the mint one, but it`s polkadots, and I loveeee it! it has a yellow tag which is on sale for $7 at Forever21. That is a good deal for a shirt like that. It`s also cropped too.
At Forever 21 I also picked up this red shorts, I don`t have red shorts and I always wanted to get one, but couldn`t find it, but hello, i found one at Forever 21 with a really good price too, it was $12.50.
Well this trench coat is not for spring but I liked it so I bought it. The thing that caught my eyes at the first place was the polkadots lining. ;D so cute. I don`t remember what store I got it from, but it was only $19.99 (it was on sale also).
But yeah, this shirt i bought a few weeks ago, it`s not anything relate to this, but yeah. I order the panda with the heart one for me and the panda with the video game controller for my boyfriend so we could go matchy matchy. I got it at http://ASNCLOTHING.COM. It was like $17 but yup.. :D
That`s about it, I bought a few stuff before but too lazy to take picture of it, plus i don`t know where they are, so...
I hope you guys have a nice day, and enjoy your spring break if you`re on spring break right now.

Mint Shirt- H&M
Polkadots Shirt- Forever 21
Red Shorts- Forever 21
Black Trench Coat- ....i don`t know

**Pictures are mine**

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