Mini Sephora Haul of 2015 and First Impressions

1 year ago

Since I had some gift cards to use up and I had to go pick up my birthday gift, I decided to stop by Sephora. I really had nothing in mind that I really wanted. Well actually I had tons of stuff I wanted. But knowing I had lots of makeup stashed at home already, I knew I had to keep myself under control. So I decided to only pick up one thing that I really wanted to try. I finally decided to get the beauty blender.
If it weren`t for the gift cards I don`t think I would`ve picked this up or was even willing to spend so much on a sponge which the original price was around $20. But I decided to splurge since I had gift cards. And I also picked up my birthday gift for this year which was from Nars. So far I like the lighter color but not sure about the red one.
So a few days after owning the Bb I decided to finally give it a try. First impressions is that the texture of the sponge is different from any that I`ve tried. It`s very soft and squishy. And I love the color pink but wish they have in a purple color. So I proceeded to apply my foundation with the BB and really liked how my faced looked. The foundation looked flawless. Didn`t looked caked on at all and I used less foundation than I normally would with a brush. Not by much but even a little bit counts. I also used the pointy point to blend in my concealer and it did a wonderful job. It applied the concealer better than using my fingers and made it less cakey. So far I am giving this 4 stars.
Now the only thing I didn`t like about it was that it stains really easily and even after washing after first use the stains didn`t totally come off. Given I only used baby shampoo and not the BB cleanser. Another thing is that I noticed some small rips or tears on the sponge after the first use. I didn`t noticed it after I used it but noticed it after letting it dry for a couple hours. Now I was kinda pissed cause I didn`t expect that to happen after the first use and for a $20 sponge. I had then went online and found that it had happened to a couple people too. Now of course I could go and exchange it but I hate to just drive all the way to the mall just to exchane tjis one item given the chance that I might get similar results with the new one. And I had nothing else on my shopping list. So I decided not to go since I think it`s a waste of gas and time and like I said, there`s a chance that it might happen to the new one. It`s not broken or anything. It`s just cosmetically ugly to look And after using it for the second time, I noticed a few more new ones but noticed that after it`s fully dried and has shrunk back to it`s original size that it`s not as noticeable.
Now I still got about 3 weeks to exchange this, so if I do happen to stop by there I will definitely exchange this. But I`ll keep it if I don`t. But I`m not sure if I would be willing to pay fulk price for tjis again even though I love how this applys my foundation or concealer. I might just give the RT one a try instead.


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