Mini raspberry cheesecakes

3 years ago

This isnt my first (or last) time making mini cheesecakes. They are one of my favorite things to make, super easy and absolutely delicious. And because they are individualized I can personalize them to have more or less crust depending on the crowd I will be entertaining!

My greatest tip for making these is to use honey maid graham crackers when you are making the crust, this is one of those occasions when the name brand product really makes a difference. I think it just soaks up the butter better, but when i use other brands of graham cracker the crust always comes out too flakey and cant hold its shape. Also if you want to try something new and have a candied crust for your cheesecake you can try adding a bit of sugar in! I was following a new recipe for my crust this time and it asked for sugar so i gave it a try. It definitely comes out like a candied crust, and i was really concerned about it for awhile but everyone seemed to love it all the more so not a bad result!
Now these pictures are of the ones I saved for myself to eat at home, and I like to have my sauce (raspberry sauce in this case) to soak in with my crust a little. However it is super easy to transport these, and share them with friends because you can pour the sauce on the top of each mini cheesecake while it is still in its cupcake liner. I usually leave just enough space for a nice layer of sauce to be captured by the liner! Its beautiful and delicious and a very popular and easy treat!

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