Mini Rant: What`s Up With Men`s Fashion Lately?

5 years ago

Back in the day, men only wore suits. Things were much classier back then. Now people can wear ANYTHING they want. If you want to wear stupid red pants or dress like a fully grown baby you can, and people do, in public. This fascinates me to the point of amazement. I could never leave the house looking that stupid, but some folk feel absolutely fine doing so. Sometimes I think its best if people dont listen to what theyre heart is telling them to do, especially when it comes to fashion. Youre only young once, and I already hate looking at pictures of myself in my awkward teenage years. I would never want to extend that feeling into my mid and late twenties. I mean, I probably will, but I like to think that Im making more of the right decisions than wrong ones. What I think most people should do, is take advice from people who actually know what theyre doing. This is exactly what Ive been starting to do over the last year or so. The band are out (not entirely) and shirts are in. You see, Ive gained some weight (I got fat) and was wondering how I should wear things while I start to lose it. Layering up was my answer. I started to wear plain t-shirts with button up shirts over the top. Nothing too smart mind you. The basic idea of the look I`m going for is basic, with a hint of sophistication. Or at least, any look that means people won`t be laughing at me in the street.

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