Mini Macys Haul: $9.98 Style amp Co. top

4 years ago

A while ago Annie had posted about Macys running a deal where if you watched videos on their mobile web you would be entered to win a gift card valued between $10-500. I played a few times and ended up winning a $10 gift card. Your gift card code was actually text messaged to you and you had to go to the mobile website for the sales clerk to read the instructions on how to put it into the system.

Well, that was a hell of a time. The sales associate at the Macys I went to was a complete . You can fill that word in yourself ;). I told her I had a gift certificate but it was in my text message and it had to be entered by following some directions on the website. She just looked at me and said I cannot do. Uhm, what? Then she basically stopped listening to me. HELLO, I shop at Macys youve seen me in here before, so why on earth would I try scamming you OR a large corporation? Im not a thief and Im not a liar. So she like basically threw the shirt at me and said she could not help me. So, my blood started boiling I have zero patience for disrespect. I was completely nice to her and she was less than stellar. She tells me to go back to the register I was at (she came over and told me she could help me, pulling me out of line to bring me to her register). So what does she do? Snatches the shirt BACK OUT OF MY HANDS and storms across the store to the register I was at (the assistant manager was on this register) and tells her she cannot help me. I explained to the assistant manager about my text messaged gift certificate. She said shed help me as soon as she was done with the transaction she was working on. So we go back over to the rude associates register and the assistant manager read the directions (while the one next to her is telling her to push different buttons wrong) and keyed everything in as she was supposed to and ding-ding-ding we got a winner Johnny! It took the $10 off my order and I ended up paying $9.98 for my shirt.

The assistant manager stated they were not informed by corporate of the text message promotion, but she was willing to work with me. At that point I was so upset and irritated by the first associate that I just left the store without filing a complaint. I knew if I stayed any longer, I was going to get most likely mean and nasty and probably end up cursing up a storm out of pure frustration. I ended up e-mailing the store manager once I was able to gather my bearings to advise of the situation that transpired.

ANYWAY I picked our a gorgeous mint Style & Co. blouse that has a pleated neckline. I didnt try the shirt on in store but it runs a little large. It wears very flowy and is casual but dressy enough.

Did you participate in the mobile web application thru Macys to win a chance at a gift certificate?

Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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