Mini LUSH shopping spree

4 years ago

So today I went to my mall and I went into the lush store and 2 things and my mom got 2 things, ( in one I did go to WETSEALi will put up post, so look for that. I am doing the pics in order from left to right

1 pic: here is the overview of all the stuff I bought, but one LUSH bag is my mom which is on the left if anybody wanted to know

2nd pic: over of all the lush, what my bought is on the right and what I bought is on the left

3rd: One of the things I bought, its a bath bomb called FIZZBANGER BALISTIC it was 5.95 and again its a bath bomb, it has a yellow and critic sent to it. the lady told me it turns neon yellow and has some red in the middle.

4th pic: Another one I got this time in just like a bubble bath thing you can use all at once or only a little bit. the name is SUNNYSIDE IT WAS 7.25, pretty expensive but worth it to me . the lady told me if you combine the Sunnyside with fizzbanger it makes a pretty shape and smells good too. the Sunnyside is really glitter and really famine I love it

( so that`s all I got and my tootle was 13.20$$$)

so now at my moms, she bought two things too

5th pic: my mom got this soap its called SULTANA SOAP it smells okay, to me I am not much of a soap person I like shower gels, that was 6.12$ for a QAUTER OF THE SOAP. you can see on pic how much in weight she bought.

6th pic: another thing my mom bought which is like the Sunnyside only not the same I mean its like the Sunnyside because it like a bath bubble thing. you can use a lot or a little. this is called YUZU AND COCO BUBBLEROON it was 6.25, its orange and has to circles you can separate which I like it has an orange flavor so yummy. loll....

( that`s all for her she spent 13.15$$$$)

so those are all the stuff I got form lush I hope you LUUXERS enjoyed.

COMMENT: which products you like form lush

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