Mini HAUL: Eye Makeup

5 years ago

I ran out of eyeliner today, and if you were me you would be scared too! I love eyeliner, I never leave the house without it on. So because of this I HAD to go buy some more. And while I was at it and while I had the money I got some other things that I needed.

I loved my old eyeliner that I used so I tried looking for it right. I bought Revlon Colour Stay eyeliner stick (the twisty crayon like liner) it at priceline for $7. It was soo cheap and it worked really well compared to my part eyeliners!! I went to priceline to get it and guess what? It was F*ing $20!!!! WHAT THE HELL is going on here!?? Why is it soo expensive :`( I was soooo angry and upset that it was that expensive.. I ended up getting the cheapest I could find of those crayon twisty liner at Safeway (Wollies) fpr $8. I can tell you now that it`s not as good as the Revlon one, its to dry and you gtta basically scrub it in :(

Also got Rimmel mascara at Safeway aswell because their masacars were %20 off. Got it for $12 which is okay... It wasn`t the one that I wanted, really want the ones they advertise on tv but they were more expensive and wasn`t on sale haha. Hope this ones is okay.

My eyelash curler broke ages ago and I thought it was time to buy a new one. I just buy the cheap ones they have at priceline (their own brand). My old one didn`t last long because it was rubber/plastic, but this one is metal or whatever you call it, you know the better qaulity looking ones soo it should last longer and work better.

And lastly I decided to get some liquid liner. Last one I got was the one with the brush.. I hated it because it just went everywhere, you got to much on the brush and the brush bends and gets all messy haha... Sorry forgot my words there but you know what I mean.. Decided to give the pen liner a go thanks to Michelle Phan and her love for liquid liner. I used it just before and it seems pretty easy and good.

Just for these 4 items it cost me $40! Can you believe it? And I got all the cheaper products that were of GOOD quality. But still I couldn`t believe it cost me that much $$$ I`m shocked! I hardly buy makeup, only like ones every 4 months, and i`m glad I don`t wear foundations and that for that price, wow hahahahaha...
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