Mini Haul: Ebay Wishbone Necklace

5 years ago

I`ve been seeing quite a few people on youtube and fashion blogs rocking adorable wishbone and horseshoe necklaces recently and I decided I had to get one for myself. I`m not really into spending loads of money on jewellery thats likely to go out of fashion in a year or two so I immediately went over to ebay and searched until I found this adorable silver wishbone necklace.

I chose this one in particular as it was long as a wishbone is in real life. Most of the others were quite short and looked more like upside down horseshoes, and since that is bad luck I had to go with this one. I love the simplicity of it and the chain is quite long, so it falls just underneath my bust line. It feels quite weighted and overall it looks like great quality for something you get off ebay so I`m so happy with my purchase.

This piece only set me back AUD$20 including postage which I think is great for the quality and the overall look. It is tagged with a Marc Jacobs logo which I knew when I bought it. While I`m not overly sure if it is authentic or not, I`m happy with it regardless, and since the tag won`t be seen it doesn`t really matter.

What do you think of wishbone necklaces and other trend pieces?

*photos are my own.

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