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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
So, this is my first post in my new account because i deleted my old one (because it was full of bad post`s, so i decided to do a new one with content with quality!) and, for those who doesn`t know me, I can tell you guys that i`ve been in LUUUX for a little more than a year. I went out of LUUUX because i was a little tired and i wanted to try new things. But, this is a great site so I decided to come back.

Yesterday, I went to Continente and for those who doesn`t know what it is, let me tell you, that it is one of the biggest supermarkets here in Portugal. And I went there to buy a <strong>Notebook</strong>. But why? Because I am a very disorganized person and I thought that a Notebook would help me to organize my life and my own stuff (mainly things for school).
I`ve chosen this Notebook because it is so much pretty. It`s not so small, but at the same time, it`s not big at all. And, it only costs me <strong> 2,49</strong>. The brand is <strong>Note it</strong>, and it is blue with white balls. I would advice this Notebook for those who lives here in Portugal because it has a hard cover which is good because it may last a lot of time.

<em>Reasons why I think you should get a Notebook:</em>
They aren`t expensive;
It can help you to remember what you have to do;
You save some time looking for the place that you wrote what you need to do;
It`s practical;
It`s easy to carry and it is not heavy;
You can selected and organize your work and see what you have to do first and when you should deliver it!

So, those are my own tips for you guys and mainly for those people who doesn`t have a notebook yet, and hopefully it will help you.
<em>What you guys think about my Notebook?</em>

<strong>The image is mine, please don`t take it. </strong>
Sorry if the text has some mistakes, but i`m still learning English!

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