Mini Hard Drive Flash Drive - A Portable and Compact HDD

5 years ago

Flash drives are not only useful but can always make a statment or an original piece, from the more plain ones to some more elaborate in terms of design.
This one was created taking the concept of the flash drive to a more literal side. A flash drive is actually like a portable hard drive but in a compact size, so what did the guys at InfoThink did?! A tiny hdd shaped flash drive.

The flash drive is available in 8gb capacity for just 22$ at Amazon. But they didn`t stop with details in just the shape and to make it even more original and give it the light that usually all flash drives have so you know its connected, it has a blue LED light around that is very well designed because it doesn`t ruin the look of it or gives it to much like, it makes it even look more futuristic.

The price for it is not bad actually but it could be lower or the storage size bigger because you can get 8gb flash drives for much less, they probably don`t look this cool but do the job perfectly. Still, its not one of the most expensive flash drives i have seen and i really like the concept of it, i wouldn`t mind having one at all.

<strong>What do you think of this flash drive? Would you get it?
Do you own any different/original flash drive?</strong>

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