Mini Forever21 Haul!

4 years ago

Recently went shopping and Forever21 surprised me. I usually don`t shop there unless it`s for accessories . It takes sooooo long to look through all the clothes i usually just don`t even try haha. But i had time andd I ended up finding some cute things! I got this really cute knit tank that looks AMAZING with my black maxi skirt, i knotted the side and it was freaking adorable so i had to buy it. Then, THE SHORTS. HOW CUTE ARE THESE SHORTS? I had to pick them upp, i dieeee for anything studded. They fit amazingly, and i think they`re a little high waisted? I`m not sure, don`t really care since I`ll probably tuck shirts into it anyway because i HAVE to show off the studded waist. at the time, i was conflicted between these shorts and a pair of leather shorts, i really wanted the leather ones but these looked so much better on. Then my friend made me try on this striped bodysuit and so I did, i`m not really a fan of body suits but this one doesn`t button in the crotch , you just slide into it so i didn`t feel too much like an infant. haaaah. it looks cute paired with the shortss. and i got myself two turbands because my roots are currently growing out and im too lazy to dye my hair and it sorta helps keep people distracted from them hahaha or not , its whatevss. AND i got myself a pair of aviator sunglasses, which i`ve always thought looked horrible on my face but these weren`t so bad and i feel like audrina freakin patridge wearing them so iim keeeping em. :)
when was the last time you went to forever21?
do you like shopping there?

i feel like i wrote a lot, haha sorrry !
*image is my ownn

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