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4 years ago

Hehe this is a really belated haul that I originally was going to include in a collective haul later or just not post but then I figured out that I might not be able to include it in another collective haul because I`m not going to get a chance to go shopping soon again unless I`m lucky! Anyways, I made a whole trip around this mall near me (Willowbend) and this is all I ended up with, lol. Both of these were little impulse purchases that I decided on at the last moment right before we were going to leave! We spent like a good 4-5 hours there and I actually purchased something that wasn`t able to make it into this haul because apparently, it dropped out of the bag when I was shopping >.< It was the <strong>Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Fresh Picked Apples</strong>. Aaah I feel so silly for managing to lose it but at least it wasn`t a big item or anything!

The two things that I got in the picture above are actually from a store called A`gaci which doesn`t seem to be very popular but it does have very trendy pieces there. If I could compare it to any other store, it would be kind of like a more glamorous Charlotte Russe. What I ended up getting at the last Mint Polkadotted Head Scarf ($4.90)</strong> and a <strong>Coral Belt ($3.80) </strong>!

I found the mint headscarf at the checkout where I was about to buy the belt and something just made me have to buy it. I think its a great summer piece and even though summer`s almost over, I will still be rocking it!! LOL I posted a picture just in case you all didn`t know how to wear these because in the picture, it just looks like a blob of minty cuteness. Haha there were also other designs that I wanted (nautical stripes, pink polkadotted one, etc.) but I settled for just one. The coral belt was in the belt display that they had and I wanted to get this because I felt that it would look really nice with my cream lace dress for like a pop of color. I have seen lots of pictures of celebs doing this (pairing a lace dress with a bright belt) so I decided to try it out!

That`s all for what I got! <strong>What do you think of these purchases? Have you ever heard of A`gaci?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>
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