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5 years ago

A new year and a new job means I have a job where I get to have business cards. This means that my degree meant something and I can put letters after my name on something. In all honestly I thought my degree was useless for the first year after graduating, since the jobs I had related to nothing I was doing lol.

Even though Grand & Toy has been taking what seems like forever to get my business cards made and delivered, I have been looking online quite often to try and find a nice business card holder. This mini briefcase card case is $11.99 through ThinkGeek. It is made out of aluminum and measures 4 x 2.5 x 0.625. It also states that it blocks RFID scanning, but I don`t know why I would care since all I`d put is my business cards in them. I am not sure if my passport has a RFID chip in it but it sure hell wouldn`t fit in here and unsure about my driver`s license but I will assume it may. It has a nice design, but I have seen cheaper card holders and this isn`t one I can expense through work since we buy things through known vendors through work.

Are you paranoid or concerned about your personal identification privacy?

Do you think your degree will be useful once you`ve graduated? If so what are you in school for?

If you`ve graduated, do you think your University degree was/is useless?
If you have graduated are you working in a field related to what you went to school for?

The last question really interests me since I have many friends who are working in fields not related to their post secondary education.

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